AHO2020 - Our Stories

    The Australian Hydrographic Office marked its centenary on 01 October 2020.

    Most of the stories found here are personal recollections. If you would like to submit an article or photograph, and be part of the continuing history of the AHO, please email: webmaster@hydro.gov.au.

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    History of Hydrographers
    of the AHS
    Aircraft in Hydrography
    1946 Cabinet Decision
    The Hydrographic School History
    The Tides Section
    Ho Hum, Another Day Surveying in Paradise
    Memories of a Cartographer
    Sounding South Part 1
    Sounding South Part 2
    Sounding South Part 3
    Between the Wars
    HM Branch in WW2
    METOC in the RAN
    Go Find a Helo
    Old Chart / New Chart
    100 Years of Hydrography