International Obligations

The Australian Hydrographic Office is a key member of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and contributes to international stakeholder groups and forums to advocate for Australia’s maritime geospatial interests.

Collaboration with international organisations in these fields enhances Australia’s interests by maintaining an influential position in the development of international specifications and standards and ensuring continuing access to international data sharing arrangements that support national and military requirements.

Specifically, in our near region, the AHO:

  • Partners with Papua New Guinea via bilateral agreement on hydrographic survey, specialist training and nautical cartography including the dissemination of official nautical charts and publications;
  • Is the Primary Charting Authority for Solomon Islands (SI), and in partnership, produces and disseminates official SI nautical charts and publications; and
  • Is actively engaged in the South West Pacific Hydrographic Commission, partnering with members to develop sovereign hydrographic capability and capacity to support navigational safety, protection of the maritime environment and enhanced use of the sea for maritime trade and commerce across the SW Pacific region.