Sea Dumping in Australia

The Department of Defence maintains records of known sites used for dumping materials at sea under superseded and contemporary environmental constraints. These range from sites used following World War II for unexploded ordinance, industrial dumping, to modern spoil grounds used to keep ports open.

Key sites with potential navigational significance, particularly for anchoring, trawling or other seabed activities, are shown on the relevant ENC and paper nautical charts published by the Australian Hydrographic Office. Information regarding spoil grounds is updated regularly, and information regarding wrecks is updated as they occur. For more information on sites known to have been used for disposal of unexploded ordinance, please refer to:

Masters of vessels encountering unexploded ordinance at sea should follow the advice contained in AHP20 Mariners Handbook for Australian Waters. Organisations requiring additional information regarding charted sites, or having updated information available, are encouraged to contact the AHO.