Tidal Services

Survey Operations Support

The AHO Tides and Geodetics Section determines datum levels for RAN Hydrographic surveys, predicts and models tidal heights for survey areas, monitors the acquisition of tidal data during surveys using satellite telecommunication with survey ships and tide gauges, and analyses newly acquired data.

Hydrographic Office Cartographic Support

Accurate charts cannot be compiled without tidal information. The Tidal Section determines an appropriate Chart Datum for every chart, supplies tidal and tide stream information for charts, and determines if and where tidal stream information should be shown.

Tidal Information Service

There is a considerable demand for tidal information - especially predictions. The range of requests handled by the Tidal Section is diverse, supporting such things as offshore resource exploration, scientific study and general inquiries from the public. Simple inquiries can often be addressed quickly and at little or no charge. More complex inquiries or access to certain tidal information will require a formal request and may incur charges or the need to take out a licence.

For Further Information on Tides contact:
Manager Tides and Geodetic (MTG)
email: tides.support@defence.gov.au